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  • Free shipping from 40,00 EUR & plastic free

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Save 20% on the box price with our flexible subscription

  • 100% flexible and individual 
  • Cancelable at any time without notice, Subscription expires automatically
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SAVE 20% on the box price

With the Tom&Jenny subscription you always save 20% compared to the box price (at least 7.99 euros per delivery) and avoid any amount of stress: You only have to specify the size with which the subscription should start, and the box size and arm length of the baby bodysuits - everything else we do. According to a weekly rhythm calculated by pediatricians comes the next size will be delivered to your home free of shipping costs and plastic. The subscription to Tom&Jenny is can be cancelled at any time without notice .  

Choose the first size with which the subscription begins

Choose the first size with which the subscription begins


sizes 46, 50, 56 as long sleeve wrap bodysuit with scratch protection

size 62 as short or long sleeve wrap baby bodysuit

sizes 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98 as short or long sleeve baby bodysuit with american collar

Choose the arm length

Choose the arm length

Note: In the sizes 46, 50 and 56 we offer only long-sleeved baby bodysuits. Subscriptions starting with these sizes therefore only include long-sleeved bodysuits and may change to your chosen mix in subsequent sizes. With "mixed" we send a mix of long and short sleeve baby bodysuits.

Choose your box size

Choose your box size

Note: With mixed boxes of 3, 5 and 7 you will get more short sleeve than long sleeve baby bodysuits (e.g. 2 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve baby bodysuit with a box of 3).

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100% flexible, cancelable at any time and free delivery


100% flexible, cancelable at any time and free delivery


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We are happy to arrange an individual service according to your needs. For instance, higher quantities, frequencies or a mix of roast styles. Contact us here.

Frequently asked questions

You still have questions about the Tom &Jenny subscription? Then take a look at the most frequently asked questions about the baby body subscription. If you still have a question that is not answered here, then write us an e-mail to support(at)tomundjenny.com.


What are the advantages of the subscription?

You save time and money (20% off the box price) with the Tom&Jenny baby bodysuit subscription. In addition, you can settle the issue of bodysuit shopping with the subscription once and for all. No more stress. The baby bodysuits come regularly to your home.

What do I get in my subscription?

With each box you get a set of Tom&Jenny baby bodysuits, which ideally fit the size of your baby. We will send you the baby bodysuits lovingly packed in tissue paper and plastic-free to your home. You have chosen the box size and arm length when taking out the subscription. Do you want a different composition (short sleeve, long sleeve, mixed)? No problem. Write us at support(at)tomundjenny.com with your order number.

How do the subscription variants differ?

There are different Boxes (3er, 5er, 7er, 10er) and compositions (short sleeve, long sleeve, mixed). By the way, you save per baby bodysuit the bigger the box is, because we always give you 20% discount on the box price.

What if I have a subscription and want to skip a size?

No problem. Just send us an email to info(at)tomundjenny.com with your order number and a note which size you would like to skip, and we will take care of it.

When will you deliver the next package?

This depends entirely on the age of your child. The sizes 46 to 56 we send every 25 days, the sizes 62 - 68 every 50 days and from size 74 every 75 days until the subscription automatically expires with size 98. If your baby grows faster than other babies, you can let us know at any time. We will then immediately send the box in the next size.

Can I adjust/change my subscription?

Your child grows faster and you want to skip a size or the arm length does not fit the season? No problem! Just write us at support(at)tomundjenny.com and we will adjust the subscription to your needs. 

I am afraid of not being able to get out of the subscription.

You don't need to, because you can cancel your subscription at any time without notice.

Is there a cancellation period for the subscription?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time without notice.

Can I order more than one subscription?

Of course! You can order more than one subscription if, for example, you have twins or want to give away a subscription.

How can I give a subscription as a gift?

You choose a subscription (size, arm length, box size) and specify the delivery address of the recipient. Then write us an e-mail to support(at)tomundjenny.com with the order number and your greeting card text. We will make sure that the recipient gets a handwritten card and no invoice is enclosed in the package.