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What clothes help babies with neurodermatitis: Tom&Jenny Baby Bodysuits

Why can the Tom&Jenny baby bodysuit be the right choice especially for neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis in babies

Too many babies suffer from neurodermatitis. It is a great torment for the little ones. They do not yet know what is happening to them and cannot cope with the itching and sores.
Many parents despair when they see their afflicted little ones and don't know what to do. Unfortunately, there is not THE one remedy for neurodermatitis. Medical treatment and support are indispensable.
Nevertheless, parents can do a lot to improve the well-being of their little ones. This includes the careful selection of food, care products and textiles. A conscious approach often provides noticeable relief.

We explain why a Tom&Jenny baby bodysuit can be the right choice if your darling has neurodermatitis:


  1. Tom&Jenny Baby Bodies are made from long-fibre Egyptian cotton, which is proven to be particularly soft and therefore comfortable for baby's skin.
  2. Tom&Jenny Baby Bodies omit the step of mercerisation, which is a chemical step (caustic soda) that takes away the softness of the bodysuits.
  3. Tom&Jenny Baby Bodies are GOTS certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a worldwide standard for the processing of textiles made from organically produced natural fibres. It defines environmental requirements along the entire textile production chain, as well as social criteria. The organic cotton is particularly well suited to babies' sensitive skin.
  4. Tom&Jenny Baby Bodies in sizes 46 (preemie size), 50 and 56 have a scratch protector that can be put over the fingers to prevent the little ones (who cannot have their fingernails cut at this age) from scratching.
  5. Tom&Jenny Baby Bodies have no labels. The size and most important information are printed on them. This prevents unnecessary irritation of the skin and mum doesn't have to cut out the tag.
  6. Tom&Jenny Baby Bodies can be washed especially hot. In addition, the bodysuits are tumble dryer safe. This speeds up the drying process and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours caused by bacteria.
  7. Tom&Jenny baby bodysuits have particularly flat seams that fit closely to the skin. This also makes the baby bodysuits comfortable to wear, even for the very young.