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My summer baby: from sun protection to heat pimples and what vitamin D has to do with it

That's me: proud mommy of a wonderful daughter since April 2020!

And that's me too: fun-loving pediatric resident. Previous specialties: Pediatric oncology, neonatology, child and adolescent psychiatry on part-time parental leave.
CEO and Co-Founder @kinderhelden: We get you ready, in physician-led courses, for pediatric emergencies. The Children's Emergency ABC including aspiration and resuscitation training.
As a fan of Tom&Jenny Bodysuits, which are really super soft and good for sensitive baby skin, I will share my knowledge with you at irregular intervals.
Let`s start with the first topic:
My summer baby: from sun protection to heat pimples and what vitamin D has to do with it.
You are expecting a summer baby or your little angel has seen the light of day in these hot days?

Then there are a few important things to keep in mind when you're in a good mood and ready for action.

The absorption of UV radiation through the skin enables the formation of vitamin D, which is responsible, among other things, for the regulation of calcium metabolism and thus makes an important contribution to bone metabolism.

So why does my summer baby still need to take vitamin D every day in this beautiful weather?

Because an infant should never be exposed to the blazing sun and even if it is cloudy or you are in the shade, the sensitive baby skin must be protected from UV radiation.

In addition to a good sunscreen with specially formulated ingredients, sun protection with a hat and appropriate clothing is an absolute must, because the self-protection time of baby skin is only about 2-7 minutes, depending on skin type.

What hardly anyone knows is that the right textiles offer even better protection than a sunscreen. The following applies to cotton products: The denser and finer the knit, the better the protection. Thus, on average, a protection factor of UPF10-20 is achieved.

In addition, there are now special UV-protective clothing of UPF50 or even 50+.

And when you set off on a beautiful summer's day, equipped with sunscreen and light cotton clothing, including a hat, please make sure not to hang blankets over the stroller or the child in the carrier!

There is a risk of dangerous heat stroke. Researchers from Sweden have recently shown that at an outside temperature of only 22 degrees, even a thin blanket can cause a temperature rise of over 10 degrees within 30 minutes. So get rid of the supposed shade and bring a parasol or awning.

If you notice red spots or bright little blisters on your baby on a hot summer day, these are probably heat spots.

These are caused by sweating due to the blockage of sweat pores. Heat pimples are harmless in themselves, but they show you that your summer baby is too warm and the body's own cooling system can no longer function properly.

In this case, it is advisable to provide your child with gentle cooling by: Light and air-permeable cotton clothing, staying in the shade, a bath in lukewarm water or dabbing with damp cloths and especially important an adequate supply of fluids in the form of breast milk or form food.

This way, you and your summer baby can enjoy the warm days.

Get through the summer well!

Your Sharon