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9 tips when buying baby bodysuits

What you should consider when buying baby bodysuits

The range of baby bodysuits on the market is huge, the choice of quality, cuts and designs almost unmanageable. To keep your little ones snug and cosy on beautiful autumn walks or when romping around at home, here are a few tips that you should bear in mind when buying suitable baby clothes.

1. the bodysuit is the little one's underwear

A baby bodysuit should fit like a second skin and be soft and comfortable. The following applies to big and small: underwear must not be scratchy. That's why 100% organic cotton is recommended.

2. bodysuits must be easy to wash

Yes, natural fabrics such as silk and wool are high-quality and warming, but babies and toddlers can get a lot of things wrong. And not only with spitting-up children! Therefore, always make sure that baby bodysuits in particular can be washed at 60 degrees; 40 degrees is often not enough to remove all stains.

3. as few buttons as possible

There should be no buttons on bodysuits and rompers, especially on the back, because babies still lie on their backs a lot and buttons just get in the way.

4. adapted to every phase of life

Practical swaddling bodysuits are particularly suitable for the little ones, so you avoid annoying "pulling them over your head" and your babies will thank you with their good mood.

5. scratch protection included

Babies' fingernails are sometimes so long that they scratch their faces. An integrated scratch guard helps to prevent sharp fingernails from damaging the baby's delicate skin in the first weeks of its life. In high-quality bodysuits, this is simply sewn onto the long sleeve: simply fold it over to enclose the little hands.

6. buy with a clear conscience

Organic is the buzzword - also for baby clothes. But beware: wherever it says organic on the label, it's not necessarily organic on the inside. A good option is to look for GOTS certification when buying: The GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standards) distinguishes natural textiles whose standards stand for strict ecological criteria along the entire production chain. In order to obtain GOTS certification, fibre producers must operate according to organic farming guidelines. In addition, all farms in the supply chains must be certified and undergo an on-site inspection once a year.

7. how you like it

Plain white bodysuits are best used as underwear and then dress the baby up with cute trousers, hats, cardigans and socks. This way you can combine your outfits according to your individual taste.

8. less is more

Jewellery such as sequins, bobbles and other small items can be swallowed by children, so it's better to keep them away.

9. romper versus bodysuit

The bodysuit is the baby's underwear. It serves as the first layer of clothing and is pulled under everything (in summer, however, a pleasantly air-permeable bodysuit is often enough!) The bodysuit should fit like a second skin, which is why the quality of the bodysuit is so important. No piece of clothing comes as close to the baby's delicate skin as the baby bodysuit. In addition, the bodysuit gives the nappy a better hold. The romper suit, on the other hand, is not so much underwear as a garment in the "outerwear" category that is worn over the bodysuit. The romper suit is a one-piece garment that, unlike the bodysuit, also encloses the legs and often the feet. Especially while the child is still small, the romper suit is a very practical garment that is everything in one: trousers, shirt and socks. Nothing can slip and the baby stays fully dressed, even after big cuddles and romps.


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