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5 reasons to buy baby bodysuits made from GOTS certified cotton

Why baby bodysuits made from GOTS certified cotton are especially good for sensitive baby skin.

High-quality baby bodysuits made of cotton, which are free of any additives, are considered particularly suitable for the sensitive skin of our little ones.

1. breathable

Cotton is a natural fabric and ensures breathability and air exchange for the skin. Textiles with synthetic materials should be avoided at all costs.

2. avoidance of skin irritation

Certified (e.g. GOTS) and ideally white cotton fabrics help to eliminate possible irritation caused by additives as potential sources of irritation for allergies.

3. high absorbency

Cotton fabrics are absorbent and keep weeping skin dry (by scratching). Especially in problem areas such as the nappy area, this can also prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria and the resulting infections.

4. moisture regulation

As a natural fabric, cotton fabrics have their own fats, which support the skin's moisture regulation and minimise itching via a natural form of re-fatting.

5. Naturalness

5. Natürlichkeit
GOTs certified cotton is organically grown and the additives used meet strict environmental and toxicological criteria to exclude irritation and irritant hazards caused by chemical substances.


Tips for care:
Baby bodysuits should only be washed with sensitive detergents. For particularly sensitive skin, we recommend using soap nuts as a natural cleanser to avoid any chemical irritation.
Constant hygiene and cleanliness are a matter of course. They help to control neurodermatitis. Baby bodysuits should be washed well and frequently. Good baby bodies can withstand this without wearing out quickly. (Tip: Always wash at least 60 degrees to make sure all bacteria are eliminated).
Bodies (especially those with long sleeves) make it almost impossible for babies to scratch itchy skin (they simply can't get to the affected areas). For the first three months, it is even better to use bodysuits with scratch guards that can be put over the little fingers.