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4 things to consider when choosing clothes for our babies

The importance of choosing clothes for our babies is often underestimated. Clothing plays a big role in the skin care of the little ones. The right clothing prevents skin irritations and reduces possible sources of allergies. It is also an important contribution to preventing possible neurodermatitis.
The paediatrician Dr. Knaupe has tips to consider when choosing baby clothes. In general, only natural materials support the well-being of our little ones.

  1. High-quality, long-fibre cotton is particularly suitable. Cotton is permeable to air and breathable. It favours the exchange of the skin with the air, protects against UV radiation and heat and allows our babies to keep their body temperature stable without stress.
  2. Cotton simultaneously protects the body from excessive evaporation and supports the regulation of our babies' water balance.
  3. The natural material cotton without chemical contamination is very low in irritants. It supports the re-fatting of the baby's skin through its natural fats. This keeps the skin soft and prevents it from becoming flaky.
  4. The use of any additives, such as fragrances, should be avoided. They are harmful and have no benefit. Our babies do not have an inherent smell. Fragrances are unnecessary sources of irritation that can cause allergies and skin irritations.

With a career as a paediatrician spanning more than 50 years, Dr Bärbel Knaupe has a wealth of experience. During this time, she has accompanied thousands of children at birth and treated them up to adolescence as a ward doctor up to chief physician in paediatric wards of renowned hospitals and as a practising doctor with her own practice. Although now retired, she still practices in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.